Charlie Swanson Scholarship


"Charlie Swanson Scholarship"

For the graduates of the Eureka High School "Class of 2021," the members of the Eureka Police Officers' Association are pleased to offer one $1,000.00 scholarship honoring Senior Detective Charlie Swanson.

Charlie Swanson was a Senior Detective for the Eureka Police Department who believed strongly in his work and in helping others. His keen sense of character, devotion to the community, love of the outdoors, and a strong sense of humor gave us all something to admire and respect. We, unfortunately, lost Charlie in the late fall of 1996 while he was doing his job. We are searching for an individual at Eureka High School who will carry on the ideals Charlie followed.

You as a scholarship candidate do not have to be a "straight-A" student, although we ask for a 'B' average minimum. We are looking for that individual who gives it her or his best, is well rounded with a strong base to grow from, and who has a sense of where they are going. You can be planning to attend a trade school, a junior college, or a major four-year college or university. Your declared major/course of study can be in any field. We desire someone who wants to improve. We are happy to hold your scholarship if there will be a delayed entry into that educational adventure after high school graduation. The sabbatical can be due to military commitment, study abroad, faith missions, or the like.

Your involvement in the community can be with an organization, or just helping a neighbor on a regular basis; both carry the same weight. It is the commitment we are looking for, not just the title of an organization.

Please hold the letters of recommendation to three or fewer. It would be appreciated if each can offer a view of you from a different perspective. (copies of previous letters are acceptable; we understand the demand on those individuals writing the letters).

Thank you for your interest and the best to you in your post-graduate activities.

Please return the application to your school's Counseling Office no later than 3:30 p.m., Thursday, May 20th, 2021.

Please email for an application.

Reminder: Your completed application must have For May 2021 pre-printed in the lower right corner to be accepted. The form has changed from previous years.