Cobell Scholarship Opportunity

The Cobell Scholarship Vocational Opportunity is for any student who has not yet earned a college degree, is enrolled or will be enrolling in a vocational credential, vocational certificate or occupational license program. Vocational degrees typically are one year or less in duration, certify competency in a specific trade, or provide a license to perform certain occupations. If you are uncertain, check with your institution or review the “What is a Credential” Fact Sheet at


This is a six-step (6) process:

 1. Create a profile by submitting the General Application Profile.

2. OASIS will match applicants to open scholarship opportunities based on the self-reported responses provided in the General Application Profile. If there is no available application, review the General Application Profile responses.

3. If matched, the applicant must complete and submit additional, secondary scholarship opportunity application(s) responses available in the OASIS portal, to be considered and reviewed.

 4. If selected, an email offer to become a Finalist is generated in mid-May. This, and other statuses, can be viewed in OASIS at any time.

 5. Complete the Post-Acceptance verification process which will be available in the email mentioned in #4, above.

 6. Receive official Award Notification to be deemed a Cobell Scholar.

 Please visit      Deadline: 05/31/2020